DIY Father’s Day Gifts


Father’s Day is right around the corner and I am so excited because this is my husband’s first time celebrating it as a father. Olive and I wanted to make it extra special for him, so we came up with a few easy and super cute gift ideas for him and all three of Olive’s grandfathers. (By “we” I really mean me.)  Olive is only five weeks old, but I’m sure that if she was old enough to know what was going on, she would be totally into it.

Of course I had to make the classic shirt and tie, Father’s Day cards. I remember being in elementary school and making a card just like this for my dad when I was a kid. It’s super simple to make. I could write down step by step how to make it, but if you are anything like me, you will need someone to demonstrate in a video.

I just went to Youtube and looked up “How to make a Father’s Day card” and about 12,000 videos popped up on how to make this particular card. I just clicked on the first video and went from there.

The inside of the card, I added my own special touch. I typed up “From the bottom of my…” then I stamped a heart shape right underneath. I didn’t have a heart stamp big enough, so I ended up taking a sponge and cutting a heart shape out of that. Then I pushed it down onto my red ink pad and stamped it on the card. On the other side I typed up “To the tips of my…” Then I simply stamped Olive’s little footprints using my purple ink pad and stamped them onto the other side of the card. It’s supposed to say: “From the bottom of my heart, to the tips of my toes, I love you!” I tend to type things out because I don’t really like my hand writing. If you have really nice hand writing and just want to write it out by hand, more power to you.




The next gift I actually saw on Pinterest, but again I added my own special touch to it. first I typed up “Happy Father’s Day! Love your little peanut.” Then glued that to my blue stock paper. I was going to use my hole puncher, but quickly realized it wasn’t going to reach to the middle of the paper. So instead I used my scissors to poke two holes in the back, one on top of the other. Then I pulled my ribbon through both of the holes. I placed a bag of peanut M&Ms in between, then tied the ribbon in the middle to make a bowtie.

Here’s where I added my own touch. I took a piece of beige colored paper and my brown ink pad and stamped Olive’s footprints onto the paper. Then I drew a peanut shape around them along with lines through her feet to make them look like peanuts. Then I cut them out and glued them onto the stock paper.



The next gift I made was super easy. I just took a couple of cans of mixed nuts along with some plastic bags. I scooped the nuts into the bags the added a tag on the front saying: “We are nuts about Daddy!”


The last gift idea was also super easy. I took lottery tickets and chocolate gold coins and put them into plastic bags with a tag on the front saying: “Lucky to have a Daddy like you!”


To top it off, I put all the gifts into boxes that way I don’t have to worry about the paper getting bent in a bag beforehand. I am very pleased with the way these gifts turned out and I can not wait to give them out!


I hope you guys all have a great Father’s Day weekend and have a great time celebrating with your Dad/husband/father-in-law/grandfather/step-father etc. 🙂







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