The Journey Begins

IMG_4695Hello readers,

Welcome to my new blog all about the many adventures of motherhood.

As some of you may know, for the past five years I had a blog entitled ‘That Girl Justine’. It was all about me and my life at the time from the age of 27 to now 31. Some of the happiest years of my life. During that time I moved in with my boyfriend, got a new job, got engaged (on the beach), had a beautiful Fall wedding, went on a great honeymoon in Mexico, bought a house and got pregnant with my first child.

It was a very eventful five years. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences on my blog and looking back at all the wonderful memories I had made. I knew I wanted to continue writing, but I feel that my life is so different now that I’m a mother. It’s a whole new chapter in my life, so I wanted to start fresh with a blog that was more focused on family life and the ups and downs of parenthood.

Before I was a parent, my life was very easy. It was pretty much all about my job. I am the head teacher in the toddler 2 classroom at a nearby daycare center. My days as a toddler teacher are easy and hard at the same time. There are days that I absolutely love my job and other days where I can’t wait to run out the door and into my car. For the most part, I do really enjoy my job and I like being around the children. I love making up lesson plans, I love planning fun activities and art projects for them to do and I love picking out books to read to them during the day.

When I would come home from work, I would spend my nights laying on the couch with my husband, watching our favorite TV shows and movies. A lot of times I would fall asleep on his chest at around 8:30-9:00 and then wake up around 10:00 and head off to bed.

On the weekends we would pretty much just do some cleaning up and run errands. Some times we would go out to lunch, or shop for something around the house. So yes, my life before was easy, but it was also kind of boring.

I wanted a child so bad! I wanted to have a little family of my own to make memories with and start new traditions with. On September 2nd 2017 I found out I was pregnant and I knew at that moment that my life would never be the same again and I was okay with that. I knew what I would be giving up, but I also knew that what I would get back would be a thousand times better and would bring so much more happiness to my life.

On May 10th 2018 my daughter Olivia May came into the world through a c-section at exactly 8:19 am. I’ll never forget the sound of her first little cries, or how tiny she was, or how warm she felt when they put her on my chest for the first time. She was the most adorable baby that I had ever seen. It was love at first sight. I thought I knew love before, but I have never loved anyone else the way I love my daughter. It’s a completely different love, something that I have never felt before. It broke my heart every time a nurse came in to take her blood and make her cry.  I cried a lot the first few days of her life. Partly because I was very sleep deprived and hormonal but also because I felt very protective of her. She was my little baby, who I carried for nine months. I didn’t want anything to happen to her or upset her in any way.

The first week we brought her home, I don’t think Kevin or I got any sleep. We were both up all night constantly checking on her, making sure she was still alive and still breathing. We tried to take turns being up with her, but I had a hard time not getting up whenever I heard her cry. I had to just make sure that she was okay.

By the third week we did figure out how to get more sleep by keeping her up between 6:30 until 10:00. She usually sleeps from 10:00 until 1:30/2:00 in the morning. That way we can get a good few hours of sleep in.

Kevin went back to work, so I’m home with Olive all day. I started to create a little daily routine for us. We usually wake up for the day around 8:00/8:30. I change her diaper and give her a bottle. By the time she is done drinking her bottle, she’s back asleep. while she is sleeping I hop into the shower and get ready for the day. She will usually sleep for at least an hour some times longer, so when I’m done getting ready I eat breakfast and do things around the house like wash dishes, throw in a load of laundry, take out the trash etc.

Olive usually wakes up around 10:00. When she wakes up I give her a sponge bath in her bassinet. I put a clean outfit on her, comb her hair, put lotion on her and some times file her nails if she needs it. Then I give her another bottle, then she usually sleeps again. When she wakes up I change her diaper, give her another bottle and then as long as the weather is nice, I take her for a walk around our neighborhood usually around noon or 1:00. I continue to change and feed her throughout the day. when she is more awake in the late afternoon, I read books to her and sing to her. I also let her spend some time in her swing, which she seems to really enjoy. We also do tummy time later at night. she is great at picking her head up and she has already rolled from her belly to her back 4 different times! We go to bed around 10:00, then I’m up with her a few times during the night. I have to admit that she is a really good baby and is sleeping longer than she used to.

I know it sounds so boring, but I actually enjoy my little routine with Olive. It’s nice to spend so much time with her because I get to know her better each day. I know I’m going to miss spending all this time with her when I have to go back to work in September, even though she will be in the infant room right across the hall from me I’m still going to miss her.

I’m really looking forward to taking her places and watching her grow up and enjoy life. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. 🙂






3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. wow ! you have put your words so beautifully across. Olive is lucky to have a mom like you. And wait she will pay you back even more beautifully ! I raised my daughter and son with lot of love,passion and duty and made a lot of memories with them by clicking random pictures in kitchen,bathtub and almost eevry where .
    Now that they are independent and grownup,they make sure that I am looked after properly!


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